Birthday Party

One thing I have realized through this journey of Mom-tography… is that the more of a hand that I have in your life – the more my images reflect me and not you. So I have really been trying to take a backseat role as your find your way, discover your style and build your own beliefs about who you want to be. I still hold tight to a few guidlines – One of the main ones is a mantra we say to each other as you head out to another day at school…”lead with a kind heart” – as my own heart knows that mean girls are just around the corner. I remember how it felt when faced with the mean girls… and I will do what I can to protect you from that. But other then that and a few in-home responsibilities – I try and allow you to be in control of your life. So when I asked what theme you wanted for your birthday… I saw you struggle… at almost 6 – you couldn’t figure out anything other then you wanted a gymnastic party. You casually mention maybe a Monster HIGH theme – which I found odd – since we have never watched that show – nor do you have any of their toys. .. and then in the wee hours of the morning – a time when my brain should be sleeping yet it was unfortunately running through my “to-do list”… it came to me… when I asked myself “who is Emerson”?.. I heard in a loud voice emerge from my sun-conscience…EMERSON LOVES Donuts…. That was it.. I excitedly told you when you woke up and the idea was met with excitement.. and a little drool. So I had 4 days to figure out how to make this a donut theme party. I pinterested my way through the plans and on party day – and when it was all said and done – You had the best 6th Birthday Donut Party Ever… and as I marveled in what I could only surmount as the best party we have had – I realized that this was the first party – where as a Mom – I felt complete. I was no longer desperately fighting to build my family. My family was here and I was able to really be present in the moment and bask in the joy of your 6th Birthday Party.










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