california adventures

So I blogged some of my favorite photos from my summer adventures in California. Some are blurry ..but not in my heart.  Some are not in order – but lets be real… I am kinda even shocked that I even put them on the blog.  Some are kinda edited… most are not. Heres the thing in an industry trying to put out the perception of “perfect”.. in an industry where people are put on pedestals…I want it to be known… This gig.. this photography gig… is truly just me as a mom simply trying to capture it all.


All in all this summer – I had to let go of the need to document every moment and learn to embrace every moment instead. It got me thinking.. when had things shifted? When were the adventures that had been all  about them turned into adventures for me to capture them. I was sad… My camera had replaced my presence. My camera had replaced my goofiness…so I took a step back.  I could only bring my big girl camera when I had an extra pair of hands to help with the baby- however my point and shoot went with me wherever we went… just in case my heart felt like it was going to explode and I wanted to remember that very moment. Like Emerson seeing if she was tall enough to ride a roller coaster… or looking over at my son as I rode a ride with my daughter… and he is waving like a proud papa as he stood next to his baby sister. .. or how about the time he sneakily pushed his little sister into the pool – and his yahtzee game accidentally went in… not the most perfect picture – but man the laugh we got when we looked at the picture and his face when he realized what had just happened. Oddly – enough.. just days before he had asked what Karma was…. that .. my son… is karma. I really loved the memory of my little girl at the zoo – when she realized the gorilla statue was breastfeeding it’s baby and then she kneeled down tried to get the gorilla to  her new stuffed animal.  I even  managed to get in the frame.. even though I have not lost the baby weight… because I know my kids will want to know I was by there side every second.. playing with them … loving them…every second.


Time continues to march on and memories of summer adventures will linger in my heart as I beg my children to come back next summer. Knowing Tween-dom is just around the corner…. I pray my oldest littles come back next summer excited to spend it together as a family.










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