It’s  Liz LaBianca Photographies 6 month Anniversary! What a crazy whirlwind the last 6 months have been. To think that when I started L.L.P – I thought I knew everything about photography………ummmmm…….wait a minute… you mean I shouldn’t have my child in the sun to get a great picture….uhhh… what exactly is catchlights??  You get the point. With that said – No one had any idea of what has been brewing in me for years.  This love of photography is the core of who I am.  Yes… there were some Naysayers out there…. “Oh ,come on Liz,  just because you want to start a photography business it doesn’t make you a photographer” (yes, I know who you are ..wink,wink) Little did they know what I had in my backpocket….PASSION…DRIVE……DETERMINATION! Once I realized I knew NOTHING about photography,  I knew I had my work cut out for me. I set the bar high for what I wanted to achieve…..and with the support of friends and family I can say with confidence the L.L.P is about to take off.

So THANK YOU to the following people for believing in me:

Dana Bove – You have been the most supportive best friend a woman could have!! For years you have told me I should start this business… thanks for believing in me. LOVE YOU and can’t wait to see you this summer!

My father -in -law – The best father a girl could have ! You were always my biggest fan. ..I treasure our relationship in all of its country music, handyman glory.

Mimi Parks, Jenny Rackers, Sue Wolski… You guys listened to me talk incessantly about my business, you were my first customers and paid me (when you didn’t have to because  you believed in L.L.P) You will never know how much your support meant to me. Babysitting my children .. happily, so that I could do a shoot. Building me up when I was a little sensitive. Putting myself and my art out there was a hard thing to do , but you always made me feel like I was amazing. FOREVER indebted to you guys!

My 2010 Holiday Clients….. You hired me ! you believed in me! You kept me out in the field shooting your beautiful children – Every shoot I did I learned a new lesson. In a world where photographers are around every corner… you hired me. Just by hiring me , I was forced to become a better photographer. MARGARITAS on me this summer!!!!

And last but not least….my man Dan!! When I wanted to start this business – I know you couldn’t have understood how much this meant to me.  You have always been my partner and we are a team – but when my business started to take -off  you took on more responsibility so that I could study, learn and build L.L.P.  I know you are my soul mate – but with all of our curve balls and life changes you have always stepped up to the plate with a smile.  To know that our kids have an example of what true goodness and kindness is… now that is what it’s all about. We are blessed because of you! You are our EVERYTHING!


L.L.P circa Oct. 18 2010


L.L.P April 18th, 2011


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Melissa - You’ve done awesome Liz! The photos from 6 months ago to now tell the whole story! Great GREAT job!

admin - Thanks Melissa!! IT has been quite a journey!! Hope you and your beautiful kids are well!

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