Carpe Diem

In high school this was my motto to do something I shouldn’t be doing… spending money I shouldn’t be spending… Today – I exclaimed “CARPE DIEM” – and put my errands on the back burner when we found the coolest splash park located  behind a strip mall.  We RAN into Old Navy – bought a $5.00 Bathing suit and We Carpe Diemed our afternoon away.





Use this action to sharpen your black and white photos- while sharpening it add that little pop of contrast that Black and Whites need. If you are feeling really crazy – use it on your backlit photos too…Just don’t use it on colored images – as it can alter the color slightly.


+++ This does NOT turn your photo black and white – head over to my actions and check out Black and White affair.

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Brooke - Wish you had actions for Elements :( Looked like a fun day! Can’t wait for the weather to warm up here so we can enjoy splashing around fun :)

danielle - Adorable pictures! What a cutie!

Kristin - Liz, I have been following you for quite some time and just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I think you are freaking AMAZING!! I love love love your photos, your kids, your personality. I am in awe of how perfectly you capture your beautiful little girl! Thanks for being such an inspiration! :)

Nina - I am so glad I came to check in on your blog! I would have missed out on the black and whites. I think these need canvased! :) Beautiful Liz!

Heidi Howard - Looks like you girls totally lived it up!!! Fun =)

Sandra - Thanks for the action…love your work!! Truly inspirational!

Mary Schannen - Is that in Fairview? I think we’re neighbors! Beautiful images

Emily - There are so many things to say about this post. I love it. The second photo, and the one of her eating her ice cream on the steps are my favorites. So adorable! And the swimsuit is precious… woohoo $5! I can’t wait for moments like this with my baby girl.

Ashley Serene - The one where she’s sitting on a step eating ice cream is perfection. I see that and just think what a beautiful memory/keepsake!

Caroljean - Oh my! I love these and have to try this soon! :)

Rebecca - Liz! I dropped off Facebook and I am so glad I found your blog! You were always an inspiration and my favorite photographer. I remember how helpful you always were. I have stopped doing photography for now, but Looking through your blog is reminding me what I love about it. I’m going to take my twins fall photos tomorrow. I hope someday I can get a nicer camera body, I have a rebel xsi now that I’ve had for four years.
Oh also, Liz, I’m sorry to hear about your mother in law, cancer is so awful. I will keep you all in my prayers as you walk through this tough time.

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