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When I started this blog – I knew I had to write something about myself. So I thought this would be a fun way to share a little bit about what Rocks my world.

1.) I am almost always early to a default. I had one friend tell me that everyone elses “on time” is my late. I leave 30 minutes before school lets out – and the school is behind my house! It kills me to be fashionably late to parties. It doesn’t phase me if other people are late (unless I am having a dinner party).

2.) My beautiful sweet Em – my mini me. She is my spunky 2 year old conceived in a petri dish –  she keeps us on our toes and there is no other place we would rather be.

3.)I heart NYC. …I lived there for 2 years in my late 20′s and to be honest wasn’t a huge fan of the fast paced lifestyle and small living quarters ( think bath tub in the kitchen). We moved to LA (my favorite place to live ) and now NYC has become my favorite place to visit.  Something about the energy that consumes that city that makes you feel alive. We go back twice a year and Everytime I go – I fall in love with it.

4.)I have gray hair…….. ALOT of it! I am 36 years old and the gray is coming in faster then I can pull it out these days . I am trying to come to terms with it by acknowledging it here… but I have to tell you – it is not comforting when your Stylists looks at you and says … so what would you like to do about this Platinum coming in.

5.) I Drive like my gray hair represents – an old lady. My son said the other day while we were driving on the freeway “Go faster mama, everyone is passing   us”  Not my finest moment – being called out by my 5 year old.

6.) I will never pay full price for anything! Nothing drives me more crazy then when I buy something and It goes on sale the next day. Which is why I pretty much buy everything on the internet.

7.) I get a Diet Coke every day and I only like it from fast food restaurants. . and I won’t settle for Diet Pepsi.

8.) My beautiful boy!  Ohhhh – how I am blessed. He is our love! I thank god every day that he is exactly like his daddy (you will see why when you get to #10).  He embraces life and doesn’t second guess his journey.

9.)BALANCE! I am obsessed with staying balanced in my life .. I believe too much of a good thing is never good. It has been hard to stick to this way of life since I started my business. It is taking a lot more will power to not let my job become all of who I am.

10.) My man Dan! My rock, saving grace, love of my life… anything good that can be said insert here. He is hands down the kindest, most thoughtful, friendly, caring man I know. To this day – if I climb into the shower without grabbing a towel …by the time I get out he has put one on the towel rack for me. Ever since I started this new endeavor – he has taken over the household – he makes the lunches for the kids, does laundry, coaches basketball and has never once batted an eye when I say in the sweetest  singsongy voice .. ” Dan… Ms. Em made you a present” It is those reasons and a million others that make me know…I am blessed.

11.)I turned in my Landrover LR3 for a  mini-van (before it was called a swagger wagon). I came to terms with the fact that my car does not define me. I went through a lot to build my family …so why not just OWN  my momness and buy a car that makes my life easier. ..And  If I am being honest..I felt empowered when I let go of the stigma.

12.) My son has a bleeding disorder (Hemophilia A) and we have to infuse him through his port (that was placed at 15 months) every other day. This is his medicine that we call powerboost- a term we came up with because we never wanted him to  think he was sick by saying the word medicine. He hates doing it but it has gotten easier and at almost 6 he has never said “why me” or “I don’t like that I have Hemophilia”. This is a big part of our lives – but just like my mini-van doesn’t define me…neither does this.  After he was diagnosed I looked at Dan and said ” I was always going to being a good mom.. but this will make me a better mom” and it has.

13.) Thats me … in a storyboard nutshell.

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