{Donut Run}

So I am sitting here typing on my husbands Dell Laptop….Since my 3 1/2 week old Mac is at the apple store being repaired because “someone” splashed coffee on it. I could easily blame my two year old daughter for being the culprit… but in the end – who drinks anything without a lid near a very expensive computer?? Thankfully, the guy at the Apple store was in the giving spirit and waived the $1249 dollar charge. I would like to think he waived it was because I was so cute… but to be honest – My husband was the one that brought it in for me. So the reason I called this post Donut Run was because when my son woke up at the crack of dawn and we were the only two awake … I quickly thought what a great day for a donut run. He couldn’t have been more excited. I realized that if my Mac was still working – I would have been sitting editing pics from a recent shoot and would have just let him play upstairs. So I think it is a blessing that my computer is staying at the Genius Bar Hotel for the next week. I can still do my photo shoots but I am going to have to wait to edit the pics until after Thanksgiving. Like I said I need to learn balance and this if forcing me to breathe after a shoot instead of rushing home to edit the photos.
While we were heading home from our donut run I asked Hayden if he liked my new job and he said “yes” … When I asked him what my job was he said “Getting donuts”
And don’t worry – I didn’t loose a single picture from my recent shoots. Thank god for hard drives. I had a shoot on Thursday and will share it with you in my next post. I learned so much from that shoot.

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