First shoot of the Holiday season is off with a BANG!

So last night  officially begins the Holiday Season… and this family did not disappoint. You know what makes a shoot?? It isn’t  me knowing the camera, photoshopping an image, or understanding lighting. It is when the family comes to the shoot ready to just love their life and love their kids…. and that is what this family did. They “brought it”.   Thank you Fantel family for showing up on time, in good spirits and full of life,love and happiness. While I don’t ever post sneak peeks / full sessions like this – (heck – I am the worst at just blogging in general) –  your images just took my breath away, so I knew it would take yours away too!




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Melissa - I love it!! Beautiful photos Liz!!

Wendy Rakvica - all of them are GORGEOUS! way to go Liz!!!

Jen @ lil Mop Top - Love it! Can’t wait for our shoot!

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