Grocery Shopping

I said lets get dressed to go to the store… when I came downstairs she had her red tutu on. SWOOONNN went my girly girly heart – so I knew I needed to grab my camera. All images were shot at 1.4. I URGE everyone who are trying to learning how to shoot open and nailing your focus… Head over to your local grocery store. Since the lighting doesn’t change much  you won’t really have to mess with your settings so you can focus (literally) on nailing your focus.  ALSO – go to the higher end grocery stores like Whole foods and Market Street – their lighting resembles natual light much better then Wal-mart or lower end grocery stores.

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Lisa - Oh my gosh, how cute is she?! She knows that everywhere is her runway

Lisa - Great tip on shooting in grocery store too. LOL

Rachael - I read this post late last night … or was it early this morning… 2am. Anywho… I tried this today with my daughter… Nikon D60 / 50mm 1.8f lens… Now I still don’t really know what I’m doing. I don’t shoot on M… I can’t figure it all out. So I shoot on A. Out of about 30 shots, I think 3 of them aren’t blurry. And NONE of them are as beautiful and clear as yours!!! sigh. Are many of my photos with this new lens blurry and not crystal clear like yours because my D60 is slow? Or is it because I’m not shooting in Manual? Or could it be the wrong focus mode or the lighting, or the fact that my daughter never stops moving? How can I work on getting more crystal clear photos, with no blur, no distortion, and no grain???

Do you remember these days??? Wanting to be awesome at this, having a vision for what the photos are going to look like, but they just don’t. Patience. I’m trying to have patience. I’ll get there. I know. Keep moving forward. :)

I love your posts…and your photos. Thank you. You are an inspiration!

kara - i’m fairly new to photography and clickin’ moms and i just wanted to stop by and let you know that you inspire me everyday with your daily project images. i just love your style and always look forward to seeing your beautiful photos of your beautiful children.

Ashley Serene - LOVE the 2nd to the last one!

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