I’m not worthy

I am not a gusher.. don’t do hallmark cards ( I never know what to write) and so many times I am stumped for words when it comes to describing this mans kindness. But today – I felt the need to exclaim it to the world.A.K.A – my blog. Do you know that Waynes World movie – Where Mike Myers exclaims …”I’m not worthy”.   I could , quite possibly, say this every day and I was reminded of this tonight. As we got up from the table – I half-heartedly demanded that he sit down while I clean and this man whole heartedly demanded to do the dishes on Fathers Day because ” I cooked”.. If I am being honest – I ABSOLUTELY would have pulled the ” Mothers Day Card” if it was my day. He cooks, does laundry, drives a 2002 Volvo (after I have gone through 4 cars in the last 7 years), Just bought his first pair of shoes in 10 years because as he puts it ..”who needs new shoes, all you need is shoe polish or some guerilla glue.” This list could go on and on … but to be quite honest – you probably wouldn’t believe me. Happy Fathers Day to a Man who I never could have dreamed existed.

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LisaJ - Liz, I think we might be married to identical twins. It is much the same in my house. I was so happy to see a post from you; I identify quite a bit with you and hope to follow in your footsteps…in my own shoes, of course. I am so grateful that you leave your early work and thoughts here, because it gives me such hope to see growth from a “real” photographer. Have a great week!

DeAnn @ TheSIPproject.blogspot.com - Ahhh. Marrying my hubs was the most important decision I have ever made and didn’t fully realize until being married for a few years. My hubs is amazing too. So wonderful to hear about all the sweet sacrifices your hubs makes for you. One of the sweetest posts I have ever seen!

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