Since I started this gig last  October – I have tried to stay away from stalking the work of other photographers. Outside of the fact that I was trying to establish my own personal style – I also found myself getting discouraged as it showed me just how much I still had to learn. I just joined NAPCP and this morning I was checking out some of their blog posts and  found the work of a local photorapher  ( Jenny Watts Photography)..that familiar  feeling of  ”not being up to par” soon crept up , but this time , I quickly talked myself off of the ledge. Instead of being discouraged – I decided to feel inspired. I can get better…I can be better – I just have to keep shooting. So that is what I did –  The sun had just rose so I quickly scooped up my muse dressed her in a cute outfit …threw on one of my husbands big ol’sweatshirts (so you couldn’t see that I didn’t even put on a bra yet) – and ran out the door in 5 minutes flat. In fact I was so inspired that I went out again that evening. I have to just keep shooting and someday I will be someone else’s inspiration to get better… to be better.



here are the fun ones from my evening shoot

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Kaitlyn Rouhier - Those pictures are adorable, love that first one! I know that feeling of seeing other peoples work. Being newer to this whole photography thing, I can definitely relate whenever I see work from people who have been doing it longer. (Your stuff included, you do amazing work and I’m definitely having a little lens envy!) There are some amazing photographers where I live and it’s easy to get discouraged but I think you’re on the right track! Let it be a force to inspire you — something every photographer should remember! :)

Susie Aranda - Your work is amazing. I so often feel the same way you do but have to say I look at your work and feel like I have so much more learning to do. Your great and I love your willingness to keep learning and thanks for sharing how you feel. Gives me hope and inspiration :)

Dani G - You already ARE an inspiration to so many! Thank you for continuing to learn and inspire US to learn alongside you! =)

Amy - You are totally an inspiration! I love your pictures!!!!!!

Carolyn - Hi Liz…I have ben a film wedding photographer for 11 years,then I had some wonderful babies and took some time off. I came back to work with a digital camera and thought I would just do some children photography for fun….well digital is a whole new world & so are children….I quickly found myself lost and insecure, what went wrong? After much research and a ton of learning I think I am almost back at my game! All that said I have looked at your web site countless times!!! your amazing and so is your work, your on my 10 inspiration photos this weekend! all the best. carolyn

Angie - You inspire me!

Isabel Hernandez - Its funny because the way you felt is exactly how I am feeling right now. I want to get better, I want to get better! You inspire me.

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