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I can’t believe I have my own blog! I am someone who has never had a journal out of fear that someone would read it and here I am writing my words to be published out in cyberspace. I figured I would start this blog for people to follow me on my journey as I step out of my comfort zone of stay- at -home mom and start a photography business. I have always loved photography – and I actually thought I was good hence why I decided to start my own photography business. Come to find out – I knew nothing about  the art of photography. Yes, I could snap some pictures and out of 100 shots I maybe got a handful of keepers. …and yes, I do think I have an “eye”. But becoming a photographer is so much more than having an eye. In the last month, I have dragged my kids everywhere to practice, practice, practice… and if I am being honest here… my husband wasn’t off scott free. I do remember one practice shoot where I asked him to puff out his shirt like a pregnant woman. He didn’t do it…and I kinda don’t blame him. I mean really – was it necessary for him to have a belly to practice the lighting…I think I just got caught up in trying to get some poses for a maternity shoot I was planning. So I invite you to join me on my journey and I promise a couple of things.

A.  I am not an english major – I will do my best to remember the rules of grammar – but in general I type the way I think.

B. I will write about my successes AND my failures – My hope is that there won’t be a lot of failures.. but what is that saying ” Without failure there is no success” I think that is how the saying goes…or did I make that up?? I digress, point being – I anticipate a lot of  ideas not working out the way I planned… We will refer to those times as my learning curve.

C. Since I am a mom of two – you will most likely hear stories of how my children are  not entirely excited with the idea of sharing their mom with a camera. A month into this and I am doing my best to balance my priorities and still make my family #1. I gotta tell ya it is hard.

I hope you all enjoy my ride –  I know I have been!


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